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Hey i'm Keely Santos (was Law) and i own, run and bake for The Lawesome Bakery.
I am a Todmordian born and bred and my family and friends all live there.

I have been a hobby baker for many years. I have always enjoyed baking and do it for fun and stress relief.
My friends, family and neighbours have been eating my bakes for years and are always finished off.
I have been told many times I should sell my bakes and decided I would give it a whirl as an official business after I was recently made redundant as an I.T Geek for a massive international business after 13 years in 2020.
So i bit the bullet and took a massive risk and opened my new business, and The Lawesome Bakery was born.
I am also a wife (to Sonny) and a mum to our Daughter CeeJae who is only 2.

I joined the Burnley Market Food Hall in 2020 as a food vendor offering desserts and bakes.

You will find me at the Burnley Market food hall, TLB stall, 5 days a week (closed TUE and SUN).
Either on my own or working with Sonny ( my husband) ,
Miss Kayleigh Fee (My best friend who also bakes) or my Little sister Amy.

We are a friendly bunch so do come say Hello :)

TLB will be offering limited products on a first come first served basis.
The bakes will change and the same products wont always be available every week so you will have to be quick
if you see your favourite as I wont be taking orders for individual items unless it is an event cake or a luxury cheesecake I'm afraid.
I am a friendly person and more than open to suggestions for new flavours if you think there is something I am missing
from my recipe list please do let me know.

As my husband 'Sonny' was born in America, trying to get some American twists in my baking has been interesting.
The main one being spending months perfecting the American Chocolate pudding you see and hear about on many American shows,
using British products to make it the perfect cross over.
So give it a go if you see it on the bake list on that day, I promise you wont regret it.

One of my personal favourites to bake is Meringue Pie, I have been testing all different flavours for these as you only ever see
Lemon (Which I have nailed) and started thinking outside the box.
Again they will be on the bake list so keep an eye out and don't be scared to try something new.

I have My Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate, Certificate in allergens training and 
I am registered with Calderdale and Burnley Council and awaiting my hygiene Rating due to backlogs.

I am also waiting for updates to my house so i will have a full Cake decoration room,
once Covid has disappeared and things get back to normal this should be happening.

I have a Contactless card system at the bakery which takes all types of payments including Apple Pay, Google pay and Samsung pay,

If you want to pay this way then please select the Cash option when at checkout.
I can send Payment links via messenger, text and email from my till system and have a QR code for paypal payments on the stall!
Please Follow the Bakery on Facebook for current offers, competitions and any discount codes available.

Thanks for reading
Have a Lawesome Day